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Eagles Micro Soccer

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Eagles Micro Futsal

A great place to play soccer and make friends. Boys and Girls in grades K-High School old are coached by our awesome youth coaches.


  • Play - Practice - Play: each session will begin with small sided games, transition to a skill focused activity - and finish with round-robin games of 4v4 or 5v5. The kids will play a lot - it's the best way to learn!

  • Culture of Christ: Micro League began as an outreach to the Timberlake apartments, and everyone had such a great time we opened it up to the public. Our hope is that families from diverse backgrounds unite around the game of soccer and that the culture of Christ begins to grow in our hearts and on our fields.

  • Growth over results: We will challenge players of all skill levels and ages, they will learn in a competitive atmosphere, there is a score - but it's not the most important thing. Soccer should always be fun!

  • Excellence - Commitment - Family: This is our promise to you, as coaches. We hope that over time, it defines the family and player experience as well.

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